RuleML 2010 Accepted Papers

Full papers

  • Guido Governatori, Francesco Olivieri, Simone Scannapieco and Matteo Cristani. Superiority Based Revision of Defeasible Theories
  • Akhil Kumar, Wen Yao, Chao-Hsien Chu and Zang Li. Ensuring Compliance with Semantic Constraints in Process Adaptation with Rule-Based Event Processing
  • Kalliopi Kravari, Grammati-Eirini Kastori, Bassiliades Nick and Governatori Guido. A Contract Agreement Policy-based Workflow Methodology for Agents Interacting in the Semantic Web
  • Vesa Luukkala and Ilkka Niemelä. Enhancing a Smart Space with Answer Set Programming
  • Saeed Hassanpour, Martin O'Connor and Amar Das. Visualizing Logical Dependencies in SWRL Rule Bases
  • Harold Boley, Adrian Paschke and Omair Shafiq. RuleML 1.0: The Overarching Specification of Web Rules
  • Mark Linehan. Defining Access Control Rules with Conditions
  • Davide Sottara, Paola Mello, Federico Chesani and Stefano Bragaglia. A Rule-Based Implementation of Fuzzy Tableau Reasoning
  • Guido Governatori and Antonino Rotolo. Norm Compliance in Business Process Modeling
  • Tomas Kliegr and Jan Rauch. An XML Format for Association Rule Models Based on GUHA Method
  • Sotiris Moschoyiannis, Alexandros Marinos and Paul Krause. Generating SQL Queries from SBVR Rules
  • Pedro-Jose Morcillo, Gines Moreno, Jaime Penabad and Carlos Vázquez. A Practical Management of Fuzzy Truth-Degrees using FLOPER
  • Dave Lambert and John Domingue. Photorealistic Semantic Web Service Groundings: Unifying RESTful and XML-RPC Groundings Using Rules, with an Application to Flickr
  • Jaroslaw Bak, Czeslaw Jedrzejek and Maciej Falkowski. Application of an Ontology-based and Rule-based Model to Selected Economic Crimes – Fraudulent Disbursement and Money Laundering

Short papers

  • Amina Chniti, Patrick Albert, Jean Charlet and Sylvain Dehors. Authoring Business Rules grounded in OWL Ontologies
  • Aqueo Kamada, Guido Governatori and Shazia Sadiq. Transformation of SBVR Compliant Business Rules to Executable FCL Rules
  • Ho-Pun Lam and Guido Governatori. On the Problem of Computing Ambiguity Propagation and Well-Founded Semantics in Defeasible Logic
  • Sietse Overbeek, Marijn Janssen and Patrick van Bommel. Realizing Integrated Service Delivery through a Language for Collective Understanding of Business Rules
  • Jie Bao, Graham Rong, Xian Li and Li Ding. A Faithful Translation from XBRL to OWL and RIF
  • Alexandros Marinos and Paul Krause. Towards the Web of Models: A Rule-driven RESTful Architecture for Distributed Systems
  • Alexander Sellner, Erwin Zinser, and Adrian Paschke. Establishing a Procedure Model for Combining and Synergistically Aligning Business Rules and Processes within Ontologies