International Rule Challenge

The Rule Challenge is one of the highlights at RuleML-2010 with prestigious prizes. Submissions of benchmarks/evaluations, demos, case studies / use cases, experience reports, best practice solutions (e.g. design patterns, reference architectures, models), rule-based implementations/ tools/ applications, demonstrations engineering methods, implementations of rule standards (e.g. RuleML, RIF, SBVR, PRR, rule-based Event Processing languages, BPMN+rules, BPEL+rules, ...), rules + industrial standards (e.g. XBRL, MISMO, Accord, ...), and industrial problem statements are particularly encouraged. (... read more)

Meetup - Where Web Rule Research meets Industry

Together with the Washington DC Meetup Group (http://www.meetup.com/semweb-31/) RuleML-2010 will organize a Meetup "Where Web Rule Research meets Industry" on October 21st evening. (... read more)

Boxed Lunch Panel: Rules on the Web – Where are We Now?

Joint Business Rules Forum / RuleML Boxed Lunch Session If you are interested in rule standards on the Web, pick up a boxed lunch and come to this joint BR Forum and RuleML panel session. (... read more)


RuleML-2010 will have an additional Industrial Exhibition with Industry stands, demos and networking space which will take place in parallel to the scientific program of the main RuleML conference on Oct. 20th. (... read more)

Keynote Speakers and Invited Demos

Michael Genesereth (Stanford University, USA) will give a keynote speech at RuleML 2010.

David Webber (AMC; OASIS CAM TC Chair, USA) will give a keynote speech at RuleML 2010.

Donald Chapin (Business Semantics Ltd, UK; Co-chair of OMG Business Modeling [&] Integration Domain Task Force) will present an invited demo at RuleML 2010.

Jans Aasman (Franz Inc's President and CEO) will give an invited talk at RuleML 2010.

John Sowa will give an invited talk about Common Logic and RuleML at RuleML 2010.

(... details)